Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snood. Know Thy Turkey.

In the holiday spirit, we'll all be eating turkey, shortly. I just thought I'd inform you on what was on what your eating XD

The snood is a fleshy appendage that attaches just above the beak. When the tom relaxes, the snood is short — maybe half an inch long. When the tom struts, the snood engorges with blood and extends to hang down over the beak. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, the snood has no known function.

Happy Snood Day,
The Shepherds (wait, there's only one of me...)

Monday, November 24, 2008

[chocolate chip] Banana Bread and Nobama

Okay, so I actually made banana bread yesterday. It was reeeaaally good. And I saw chocolate chips in the cubbard, so i threw them into the mix, so it was beyond my normal expectations. Jenn came down to see what I was doing and was like, "OMG, Seth, what are you doing? Did you tell M--Sasha that your doing that? She's gonna freaking kill you!"
"Muhsasha?" I smirked, licking batter off my finger, laughing silently at my quoting.
She groaned at me, and went over to the phone that was ringing. "Hello?"
I chuckled again, and grabbed a spoon and dipped it in the banana gook.
"No, she's busy at the momennnthSEGPH!" she growled with her mouth full of, ahem, thpoon. Hahaha.
She grabbed at me, and I nimbly dodged out of the way. She threw her thpoon at at me and got saliva-batter on me.
When she finally hung up the phone she walked over to where I was putting flour in a pan.
"That was good," she said, peeking over my shoulder. "Hey, but you could probably have done without the chocolate chips."
I threw flour at her without looking.
She shrieked and hit me upside the head.
"Hey!" I said, and hit her back. "Leave me alone, critic."
"Mmkay," she said, licking a finger.
I turned back to my cooking, and poured the batter into a pan.

Moral of the story: Always make your banana bread with chocolate chips.

Oh, and then I ran back after I put it in the oven and screamed "NOBAMA!" in her ear.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Have Been Denied Food, Yet Again

I caught Sasha in the kitchen making bundt cake, and when i tried to steal a slice she told me it was for Thanksgiving and that her side of the family was coming over. I told her, "Great," with mucho enthusiasm, and she told me to go find Jenn for her.
Great, so my foster-extended-family is coming over? This should be fun.

I helped Jenn make a model of DNA. She had to for homework because she chose the homework presentation as 'model' instead of 'paper' like I did.
So basically, I made a model of DNA while Jenn messed around with plastic beads for an hour. When I finished, she told me "Thank you," for the idea, and ran off to show Sasha what 'we' made. I counted to ten silently and tried not to kick a wall.

Oh, and I did that again yesterday, and Blake took away my CD collection again because he finds this affective for disapline.

Jenn ran into my room and told me that we were going to go see Twilight in two weeks. When I asked to define 'we' she told me it'd be me, Sam, and her. Fun. And then I read a book for three hours on the couch downstairs without even stopping to eat or pee. Haha, I impressed myself. Finally.

I think i'll make myself some banana bread tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry, I Can't Help Myself. THESE ARE ALL LINKS

Skillet, Skillet-ee-doo!!
Relient K, Relient K, and Relient K
Superchick, and Superchick, what's that you say, Steph? Superchick???
Switchfoot, Switchfoot, Switchfoot
Thousand Foot Krutch


I'm at the school library. Yes, it's after school, but Blogspot is not permitted. Well, shucks. Too bad for them.
Okay, so i got paired with this one girl in Social Studies and she was, shock, stupid. Not stupid like that kid in my Language arts class, but, can we put this...mentally impared. Geez, learn to read kid and stop staring at me.
We had to take the little test thing that you have to take to become a citizen of the US, only, we're already citizens, but our teacher wanted to know what we knew about the US.
We, of course, got the highest score on the test because i fed her every single answer ('cause we're parners, ha! ha!) and she's all like, "ooookkkkaaaayyyy...."

Do NOT get into a serious conversation with her, because it will take you an hour. Just saying.

Have you ever noticed that the popular kids (you know, popular kids, nyah) at our schools are the dumb ones? I'm sorry if you are one, but if you have a blog and can type at all, you are obviously not a pea-brain.

And I'm working on making friends, so don't worry about me.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

...And I Did This In ELT Today Because I Was Bored

Kinda random. If this isn't showing up so great, Ctrl + A, or Apple A (for a mac). Or just, you know, like, click on it. Makes everything so much bigger.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yay Art Class

So today we had to make cartoons of ourselves in art, so here's mine. I didn't have a pencil with me, so she made me draw with Sharpie. (haha, i made a typo and wrote sharkpie. Mmm...shark pie.)
Haha. And no we are not doing anything productive in art. XD

Monday, November 10, 2008

*sniff* It's Monday

Do you have any idea how freaking annoyed I was this morning? I am going to KILL my alarm clock one of these days. No joke.

So. Do you know someone who has an IQ of zero? Like literally, i can hear bees in their head.
There's this kid in my language arts class who has nothing going on in there. We're reading about A Christmas Carol ('cause it's November) and he's like, "I think it's mean how Mr. Scrooge is putting down poor people. 'Cause he's poor too!"
Everyone takes a deep breath, and, I swear, the room went so silent you could hear a pen drop. "Uh, no he's not," the teacher says.
"No, he is! Remember, he went to Debter's Prison because he had no money?"
The teacher sighs. "That was Dickens, dear."
The kid get's a 'well that was stupid' look on his face. "Oh."

And last week, we were reading a story about how this one kid had several paulsy (sorry, can't spell that), he couldn't move any part of his body but his eyes on his own volition, but he one day took a peice of chalk away from his sister with his foot because he wanted to write too. He wanted to be able to express his feelings like his sister did. Everyone in the room went totally silent because they were so astonished at what he did.
Then Zero over there sits up and raises his hand. "I think they're mad at him because he took the chalk!"
*mentally smacks forhead*
Teacher: "They're astonished, dear."



Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Don't Go to Church???

Wow. The Langlies don't go to church. Not any type of church! Not even a mosque! Not even a chapel! Geez, would it kill them?

So now I'm online trying to find a youth group I can go to that's close enough to attend. I've never really been a part of a church, but now I'm weirdly interested in God. I don't know why. So that's why I need to find one.

I don't think my dad is going to heaven. I don't think my mom is either. Violet probably didn't, 'cause she was eleven, and old enough to think for herself, but Mom wouldn't let us go to a church. I don't think it's fair. I have a chance, but Vi never did.
So now i'm wondering, how do you get to heaven, and who decides if you do? What decides if you do? How does it work?



Friday, November 7, 2008

Guess Who Got In A Fight Today???

Some freak-show pushed me today and I turned around and told him to BACK OFF!! Then he punched at me, and I blocked, then he took another swing, and I blocked him hard with an outside for-arm block. He screamed and clutched his arm, and i pushed him over and walked away. Then he grabbed me from behind, and punched the back of my head, I went spilling over, got up, and roundhouse kicked him hard in the chest with a satisfying crack of a rib.
Guess who won? 0-:-)

He won't be bothering me again. Apparently he has a history of bullying. (shrugs)

But Blake took away the stereo that Sasha bought me at Target. And my CD collection. :-(
That made me sad.

But I won a fist fight! And I broke that kid's rib. I didn't even get suspended because he punched me first! Haha!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Day of School

Ugh. I'd forgot how incredebly boring public school was. Or, excuse me, private schools, for that matter. Jenn goes to a private school with (cough) no buses.

This could make it difficult to ditch.

Okay, so i got woken up with a penlight at 5:30 this morning by, none other than, Jenn. It was like, GET THE FREAKING LIGHT OUT OF MY EYES OR I AM GOING TO KICK YOU IN THE HEAD!

And I nearly starved before lunch. What happens when a teenage boy gets really hungry, you ask? Well, let me ask you this; Do you really want to know?? No? Good. It's really aweful.

So, um, I got called (counts on fingers) 'freak', 'cute', 'emo', 'kid', 'freak' again, and 'hey, um...' today. Get the name right.

Jenn's friend Sam was getting really annoying. She's asian, so i guess that would make it so you have to tollerate her? Is that how it goes here? I dunno. (She was the one calling me 'cute')
I got a science project. I have to pick some invention and write a report about it.
I picked the dishwasher (yaaay! go Seth!).
I already started writing it, but we have some thing (yes, some thing, not something. kinda like 'sooome pig!') at our school that makes it so we have, like, an account or something. I dunno. It's really annoying. I had to get a teacher to make me one 'cause i'm new and special like that. XD


I also concitered kicking Sam in the head. Or just simply informing her of my martial arts status. Jenn elbowed me in the ribs when I twitched in Sam's direction a fraction of an inch. She's really starting to read my actions. At the Home, nobody just got me like this, not even Felix.
She even gets it when i don't smile and my left ear moves slightly (that is a Seth smile). And that raising my eyebrows is a sign of being interested.



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ha ha ha.

I just totally beat Jenn on expert Guitar Hero 3. Ha ha! I see my guitar skills payed off somewhere. I can play expert on everything. I've never even played this game before! It's amazing! I don't get how she doesn't get that the orange note means PRESS THE ORANGE BUTTON.

Then I had to use her shampoo because I had to leave mine at the foster headquarters for Felix 'cause he's too much of a nutball to use shampoo. I even wrote directions and taped them to the mirror in our room.

See what he thinks of that.

But now my hair smells weird. And I can't sleep again because of that and the smell of the sheets again. It sucks.



In response to Abby Nelms' question: Seth doesn't exist. I get the time to write about him, and that's how he has a blog. The story is that he asked Jeff and Jeff said okay. Blog. WHA-PAM!

Over and out,



I think Blake's mad at me 'cause I punched a hole in the wall out of anger/sadness. Whoopsies. Jenn was pretty impressed though. She said that once she tried to punch a hole in it and fractured her wrist (cough, Kristina, cough). So, yeah, cool.

You ever listened to My Chemical Romance? They're okay. They sang this song called cancer that i found sifting through YouTube the other day. Then I looked 'em up on Napster, and listened to a few of their songs, and WHAM-OH! So yeah.

The Langly's (i'm gonna start typing 'Langlies' soon, i swear, i will.) are starting to adjust to the ways of Seth! Yaaaay.

Rule #2. Don't expect more than a few words for an answer, and if you do, well, heck, you're out of luck, my friend.
Rule #3. Don't search my blog.
Rule #4. Don't force me to eat anything. If I don't eat at all and skip that meal, that happens to mean that i HATE THE FOOD YOU'RE SERVING.
Rule #5. DON'T TOUCH ME.

So, yeah, i think they get it. Sasha tried to touch me last night on the cheek as in "Awww, night, Seth." (touch) WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH -

And then this morning, Jenn told me i was good looking (meaning...what?). Uh-huh....hmmm. I realized today I have really long arms. Like, I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom while Jenn was putting makeup on, and i've got, like, gorilla arms. I swear.

And then she took me to the park (big, green grass, trees, sidewalk, more trees, wood benches, did i mention the trees were ginormous?) and we sat and talked. And then she noticed my (ahem) scar on my jaw 'cause I told her the story of how i got it.
She was like, "woooooaaaahhhh...."

Never seen a guy with a scar before, i guess...(rolls eyes)


Will post more today at some point.



(Oh, piano tribute: Cancer, by My Chemical Romance)

Then, here's the actual song, even though it's on YouTube: Linkity Link

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I can't sleep. My bedsheets smell like crap.

Not really, but they smell different.

I miss Violet :'(

You won't beleive this, but i'm actually crying right now. I miss her.

Har Har. They Do Have A Computer.

tip: from now on, anything in blue is a link. Just FYI

I dunno. This is a little weird 'cause Jenn's reading over my shoulder. They're nice people. Blake's a little energetic, and I'm really not, so there's a conflict.

I had to go to Violet's memorial service, so that took a few hours.


I got to the Langly's at seven. Jenn's okay too. We ate dinner that Sasha cooked. It was really good. They asked me a bunch of questions that I didn't feel like answering (JENN GET LOST).

Okay, she's gone.

They made me a room that's really big and looks like they've had a million other kids in there. I mean, it's spick and span, it's just really unisex. Blue walls, blue sheets, blue comforter, nutral wall decorations, accessories, band posters (cough, Jenn, cough), and, like, a ton of different things.

Crap, i think i made Jenn mad.

THESE PEOPLE ARE FREAKING RICH. I swear! They've got four flat screen tv's, three computers, a million DVD's, video games, computer games, a VCR (yaaay! something i know how to work!).

It's cool. They're nicer than some of the other families I've stayed with.

I think i'm gonna go say sorry to Jenn. She's mad.



Guess Where I'm Going at...*checks watch*...Five Today?

Omg, you guessed it right. You're so smart! Uncle Seth is so proud of you!

Yeah, so i'm going to live with the Langly's today. At five. Which is in...what...thirty minutes? Seeing that it's 4:26 pm at the moment.

I kinda had to scurry around and grab all my crap out of my dorm (if that's what you'd call it...) and give Felix a high five. I'm gonna miss him. A lot.

Oh, he wants to say hi:

Hi, this is Felix. Tell Seth he's a butt head for leaving me here.

So yeah, that was Felix.
I'll miss you too.

Hey, hopefully the Langly's have a computer at their house. Wish me luck!