Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm at the school library. Yes, it's after school, but Blogspot is not permitted. Well, shucks. Too bad for them.
Okay, so i got paired with this one girl in Social Studies and she was, shock, stupid. Not stupid like that kid in my Language arts class, but, can we put this...mentally impared. Geez, learn to read kid and stop staring at me.
We had to take the little test thing that you have to take to become a citizen of the US, only, we're already citizens, but our teacher wanted to know what we knew about the US.
We, of course, got the highest score on the test because i fed her every single answer ('cause we're parners, ha! ha!) and she's all like, "ooookkkkaaaayyyy...."

Do NOT get into a serious conversation with her, because it will take you an hour. Just saying.

Have you ever noticed that the popular kids (you know, popular kids, nyah) at our schools are the dumb ones? I'm sorry if you are one, but if you have a blog and can type at all, you are obviously not a pea-brain.

And I'm working on making friends, so don't worry about me.


3 people who have something to say:

Kristina said...

thats really funny, i HATE it when your partners with an idiot!

Angel Wings said...

YEAH!And then you have to do ALL the work!

Seth said...

i know!