Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guess Where I'm Going at...*checks watch*...Five Today?

Omg, you guessed it right. You're so smart! Uncle Seth is so proud of you!

Yeah, so i'm going to live with the Langly's today. At five. Which is in...what...thirty minutes? Seeing that it's 4:26 pm at the moment.

I kinda had to scurry around and grab all my crap out of my dorm (if that's what you'd call it...) and give Felix a high five. I'm gonna miss him. A lot.

Oh, he wants to say hi:

Hi, this is Felix. Tell Seth he's a butt head for leaving me here.

So yeah, that was Felix.
I'll miss you too.

Hey, hopefully the Langly's have a computer at their house. Wish me luck!



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Angel Wings said...

Oh I thought that you already moved in...oh well!

Good Luck

-make a note of it

Angel Wings