Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ha ha ha.

I just totally beat Jenn on expert Guitar Hero 3. Ha ha! I see my guitar skills payed off somewhere. I can play expert on everything. I've never even played this game before! It's amazing! I don't get how she doesn't get that the orange note means PRESS THE ORANGE BUTTON.

Then I had to use her shampoo because I had to leave mine at the foster headquarters for Felix 'cause he's too much of a nutball to use shampoo. I even wrote directions and taped them to the mirror in our room.

See what he thinks of that.

But now my hair smells weird. And I can't sleep again because of that and the smell of the sheets again. It sucks.



In response to Abby Nelms' question: Seth doesn't exist. I get the time to write about him, and that's how he has a blog. The story is that he asked Jeff and Jeff said okay. Blog. WHA-PAM!

Over and out,


4 people who have something to say:

Angel Wings said...

Whats with the onimonipia?

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh... so your a girl?? omg, I thought you were serious... guess I should have read your WHOLE blog!!! hehe, that's pretty cool!

Seth said...

I'm not a girl, Steph, however, is.

Hollia said...

Huh? So confused...