Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The End is Near. Or Is It? (Steph Here)

First of all, my sources: The Bible, This Site, and This Site

Okay, I'm just gonna come right out and say that Steph is posting this post because there is more of an audience.
Who here has seen the Left Behind movies? Basically the movie trilogy follows the lives of a group of new Christians after Jesus' second coming. The antichrist, Nickolae Carpathia, is starting his 'world peace' thing and buying ten territories. He is so influencial that he has made a one world currency. There's been a terrible famine, and one Jewish farmer has beaten the odds with a secret formula he uses to grow crops.
Nickolae has the building plans for Solomon's Temple (the one that had been destroyed thousands of years ago) and he trades this to the Jewish man for his formula, all in the name of peace.
Now that Nickolae has the formula, he can now control the world's food supply. He also unveiled the building plans for Solomon's Temple. In scripture, it says that "The antichrist will sit in the temple of Solomon and declair himself God."
The group of Christians stop Nickolae from having it proven he is God, and that's where the second movie ends. I haven't seen the third one, but I'm guessing that it has something to do with the Mark of the Beast and the wars between nations.

Now here's the scary thing; some of you may have heard that the UK is trying to make a one world bank. Sound familiar? I don't know who's behind this, but it might have something to do with the antichrist.

Scripture says that the antichrist will make peace with all nations. He will create a cashless society, one world currency, and also a one world government -- which he will control. He will control ten territories, and gain control of two super powers (ex: US and UK). He will gain control of the world's food supply, distributing food only to those with his mark: the Mark of the Beast. The Mark will be on your forehead or right hand, and with it, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.
He will establish a one world religion, and kill every Christian he finds.

Here's something about the antichrist. There's not just one. I mean, there's one every generation, because Satan's power is so weak that he doesn't even know when the end times will occur. He raises up one antichrist each generation just in case the end times happen this time.
Think of Hitler. I believe that he was the antichrist of that generation. One religion, one government, one race...he was on a roll.

All these things will happen. If you have not accepted Christ before he comes for a second time, you will experience all these things. Even the Christians now will experience only the beginning, but those left behind will endure the horrible Seven Years of Tribulation before the earth will be made new, and the Thousand Year Reign will begin. Jesus will throw Satan into the Lake of Fire, and he will reign for one thousand years on the new earth.
Then Judgement Day will come, and God will stand before the gate of Heaven and ask you why you should be let into his Kingdom.

Will you be ready?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

So...I'm Grounded Again.

Okay, so during the snowstorm that Colorado just had, Jenn and I were snowed in because Blake was at the airport, and her mom was snowed in at work. And so Jenn saw this as another opportunity for me to be her 'boyfriend', although that's not what I'm being defined as.
So we first started out playing the 'word association game' because we were bored.
Jenn: Oust
Seth: Killer
Jenn: Sharks
Seth: Angry
Jenn: Grinch
Seth: Christmas
Jenn: Presents
Seth: Dogs
Seth: Jenn.
Jenn: *smiles a bit* Amazing
Seth: Hot
Jenn: Seth
Seth: Uh...this is getting pretty awkward. Maybe we should stop.

And then an hour later, we were making out on the floor and my shirt was off and I was on top of Jenn, and then her dad came home.
He wasn't too happy.
He's like, "You'd better not make my daughter pregnant, or I'll send you away for good."
I was like, "Yes, sir."
Then Jenn said she wouldn't mind being pregnant, because it would be my baby and she'd name him Isaiah if it was a boy. I smirked at her, and her dad just rolled her eyes and left the room.

So if you were wondering what happens when there's a snowstorm in Colorado...there it is.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

:( Sad Face ):

...i hate you jenn...remind me never to teach you how to do something agian...when ever i try to look at the last post..it says "veiw error" You rigged the post didnt you...i hope seth gets mad at you...and seth...im sorry for kissing jenn...and jenn...IM SO SORRRRRYY

i feel like such a morron....i kissed jenn...and i probally ruined all of the chance, if , of EVER going out with her

We went to the mall...agian...but this time we brought sam... but she left early...so ya..and yes...i am up at 1:47...am


Friday, March 20, 2009

I Think I Have a Major Issue Here

I rigged this message (because Flash showed me how) so that a certain two people can't read it. I think you might know who they are.

I have a problem, and maybe you've had the same one too.

I think I'm in love with two different guys. I don't know how to choose between them, and it's breaking my heart to see them both get hurt.

One I met a long time ago in fifth grade. We'd been friends, and in sixth grade he told me that I was his best friend. We get along, and sometimes he stays for weekends when his dad goes on a business trip. He and I were like siblings.

The other I met just five months ago. He came and stayed with us temperaraly, and now my parents are thinking of adopting him. I like him, he's become one of the "three". He's amazing and talented, and he loves me.

Today we were watching "National Treasure" and it occured to me that we the "three" are the main characters. We've got Riley, the computer hack; Abigail, the tough girl; and Ben, the strong and adventurous. They both like her, and they all work really, really well together. Weird analogy, but that's all i could come up with.

And now I'm having issues figuring out what to do.

Yours racked,


Jenn made us make up

Hehe...I'm not on at school at all or anything. :) And me and Seth made up...we don't exactly hate each other that much. I still don't like him a lot though


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hehe...u did sooooooooooooo!


Here's some things I'd like to say to Alex.

1) Yes, this should be over! You and Seth shouldn't fight anymore! You're acting like a couple of fourth grade girls!
2) I disagree. Seth looked mighty fine with green all over him. XD
3) I DID NOT KISS BACK!! I was trying to get your huge honking butt off me! Geez! Freakshow! And I totally agree with Seth beating you up for it! I did not like it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hehe...i was bad(read the one bellow)

Hehe...couple of things Seth..

1) THIS IS OVER...me and Jenn made up
2) green looks like crap(literally) on u
3) She kissed ME
4) hehe



St. Patrick's Day Dillema ([jenn] ha! seth can't spell that word! [seth] shut up!)

Okay. So today was St. Patrick's Day.
Only problem with that: I don't wear green.
So, like, people would go around pinching me, and I had to kick a few shins, but eventually people stopped pinching because I said I was Irish. Which was a total lie, because I totally don't know where my bloodlines run, but anyway.
Then in art, Flashman had rigged an email from Jenn's Drama teacher saying that she was allowed in this class period because of some project, and had rigged an email from our Art teacher to the Drama teacher, ect.
Long story short, Jenn streaks into the Art room after fifteen minutes with a box of markers and tackles me to the ground, then starts scribbling all over my face with a green one. So I finally manage to wrestle the marker out of her hands and get her off me, then I proceed to attack her back with the same one, when Flashman all of the sudden gets really mad and grabs a fistfull of green markers from a bin labeled "green". Then all of the sudden they're both on me, and the whole class is just watching in histarics as the emo kid who sits in the back is getting covered in bright green colors all over his face and arms.
Oh, and Jenn wrote "I love Jenn" on my arm. Garr.
And then Flashman scribbled that out and wrote "Death to Seth" under it.
Then Jenn grins at Alex and with a clean swipe of her arm, puts a single streak of grass-green ink across his forhead. Flash tackles her to the ground, and by the time I get over there, he's got his lips plastered on hers and she's trying to shove him off.
So of course, I attack him, and we all get sent to the office. And then Blake and Sasha show up to take us home because that was the last class of the day, and Blake demanded to know why I did what I did.
I'm like, "Uh...Alex was kissing Jenn?"



(P.S., Flash, this isn't over.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hehe..got it

So what should i do with his facebook??? Any ideas...

AH DANG! Facebook just kicked me out.... :)

Why not

I guess ill help...BUT ONLY BECAUSE JENN ASKED ME TO!!!!!!

30 Hour Famine >> link

Were fasting for 30 hours...y? to help the hungry children. SO SPONSER US

And dont even ask y im up so late. Im not like trying to hack seths facebook or anything.. xD

So join the club

And be hungry!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Starve For Food.

30 Hour Famine ==> link

Join the club.

Live in boxes.

Serve the needy.

Be Hungry.

30 Hour Famine.

~Seth and Jenn

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

-cough- FREAK -cough-

YOu have got to be kidding me....sam is a FREAKKKKKKK!!! and i refuse to make one....and yes i do hate seth...l8r now

I've Been Tagged By Sam, Darn That Sam. Flashman, You Should Really Go After Sam. I Think She Likes You.

"Read the questions below, type your answer into flikr search and pick a picture from the first page of search results you like most.
"First name? Favorite food? High school you go/went to? Favorite color? Favorite Celebrity?Favorite drink? Dream vacation? Favorite dessert? What do you want to be when you grow up?What do you love most in life? What's one word that describes you? Flikr name?


Cheesecake Mark Zealand High School Mint Green
Max Thieriot (sorry, Seth, but Max is reaaally cute. Not as cute as you when you're jealous, though. :) Hot Cocoa New Zealand (not just my school) A Vet My two best friends: Seth and Flashman (even though they don't get along so well.)Fun!
Okay! I want both Flash and Seth to make one of these! Hurry!
I love both you guys! *mwah!*
~ Jenn

Monday, March 9, 2009



~cough~ i hate you ~cough~


Read the Post Below This One Before You Read This

Okay, so today Flash, Jenn, and I went to the mall. It was really fun, up until Jenn shoved me into a dressing room at Hot Topic and yanked off my black shirt and put a hot pink one on me. It was pretty dang awkward. Then Flash started taking pictures (no pun intended) and I nearly killed him. The emo-freak-employees just looked at us funny. I almost died laughing.

We fight about everything and anything. Currently for the past week, it's been Jenn. I do something like put my arm around her shoulders, and Flashman takes her arm and just HAS to show her something. I'll be sitting and Jenn sits next to me and puts her head on my shoulder, and Flashman texts her from across the room. He likes her a lot. It's so obvious.

So we were at the Cheesecake Factory, and we all realized at the same time that none of us had any money. And we were like, CRAP.

Then I said something in Jenn's ear and she just turns around and kisses me full on the lips. Flashman boiled in his seat. "I need to go to the bathroom," he croaks when I finally shove Jenn off.

I feel sorry for him, he has to put up with us. I hadn't even been a factor in his crush, and he probably had it all planned out that he was going to ask her out, and take her to the ice cream shop, and whatever.

Why is this so difficult??

~ Seth

Hey. Me, Seth, and Jenn are at the mall. We were so bored, so we just decided to go hang out. We've been all over. Its been so much fun, lol.
We are currently at the Cheesecake Factory, and are just having cheese cake. Uh...but we don't have any money, we just realized. So i guess we're just gonna run when the bill comes.

We went into Hot Topic and Jenn wrestled Seth into a hot pink shirt. Lol, it was so funny! God, since when does Seth have a six-pack? Huh.
I took a ton of pictures, but while Jenn was talking to me while we were waiting for our cheesecake, he stole my camera and deleted the pics.
I. Hate. Him.

It's been really awkward with the whole "dating" thing (only waaait! they're not dating, lol) ...especially when Seth is such a loser. They have been flirting this whole time. Ew.


Okay, i have to go. I can't even bear it anymore.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woot! Steph Drew Me

Okay, since Steph had nothing better to do this morning, she decided to draw me in anime. So the question is, which one should I use for the profile pic? A or B?


Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Blogger

Okay, so Steph's little bro is not blogging at http://limerd.blogspot.com
Cool. Blog.
I dunno, that'd make him my...cousin? or...hm. Let's see. So my writer's brother. WAIT. He'd be my uncle. Uncle Limer.
Only...he's younger than me. But he's really funny. Real nice kid. Er...uncle. UH. Okay.


Ooooh!!! Bookmarks!!!

So I was on Steph's blog (a little contradictory, i know), and i found that she made some bookmarks for you all to use! Here's my favorites:

I really like the first one. It makes Seth look so serious. It's so cool.

and then there's the one about me, of course XD

Its Flash agian

Its me, Flashman. I cant sleep...Seth snores like you couldn't even imagine...bleck...so I deiced that I would make a wordle...you can make them here . I decided to make one for this blog...hehe..im thinking of completely messing with this blog just to make Seth mad...hehehe...and HI JENN!!!!

Heres the wordle i made for this blog. And i did NOT rig it.. :)

Wordle: Flashmen

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi, I'm Jenn. Seth's probably told you a lot about me and I've posted a bit. Uh...but now I have an account! Yay!

Seth got mad at me and Flashman today because he found out that Flashman apparently likes me.
I uh...yeah awkward.
But I really hate how Seth just hates Flashman. I mean, he doesn't hate him, he talks to him like a normal person, but sheesh.
He's told me how that if Flashman ever tries to kiss me, I have to kick him as hard as I can where the sun don't shine (if you know what I mean). I honestly think Alex won't get that far, but whatever. Oh! For those of you who don't know, Flashman's first name is Alex. So if I ever say anything about Alex, it's Flashman.

It's also awkward that Alex likes me because I've been friends with him since the beginning of sixth grade and he's basically my best friend aside from Seth.

GAAAH. Oh, and Dad walked in on me and Seth kissing...(we weren't making out, but it was pretty darn close) and...that didn't go over well. He totally flipped out. Seth's grounded. He almost got sent back, but Mom was all like, "They're not siblings! It's not like it totally matters because he's going back sometime, right?"
Geez, Dad's such a jerk sometimes. Scared the crap out of Seth. :( Poor Seth.



Im Michael...im one of stephs friends, and flashman is basicly me...the clasic geek... :)

Hah! Hey, I'm Flashman. I hacked Seth's blog and he's gonna be so pissed. He doesn't like me. So yeah, I'm fourteen, I've been hanging out with Jenn for a while now...it's kinda weird ya know, to have someone new come in like seth, but welcome i guess, seth

And this is Steph who had to moderate Michael's post because he's not totally into the Flasman character and can't spell his way out of a paper bag. XD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay, I've Got A Question For You All.

How is it that my blog has twenty-seven followers and the blog that brought me to life has four? I gotta say, Steph's not happy, and she's thinking of shutting it down because nobody reads it. I'm sorry if you do read it, but please give some indication that you in fact are reading it...coughcommentcough!

So yeah.

Uh...but if this happens, there's a chance this blog might stop posting.



You have something to say? http://soshewritesstoriesandcraplikethat.blogspot.com

~Seth (and Jenn!)