Saturday, November 1, 2008

Har Har. They Do Have A Computer.

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I dunno. This is a little weird 'cause Jenn's reading over my shoulder. They're nice people. Blake's a little energetic, and I'm really not, so there's a conflict.

I had to go to Violet's memorial service, so that took a few hours.


I got to the Langly's at seven. Jenn's okay too. We ate dinner that Sasha cooked. It was really good. They asked me a bunch of questions that I didn't feel like answering (JENN GET LOST).

Okay, she's gone.

They made me a room that's really big and looks like they've had a million other kids in there. I mean, it's spick and span, it's just really unisex. Blue walls, blue sheets, blue comforter, nutral wall decorations, accessories, band posters (cough, Jenn, cough), and, like, a ton of different things.

Crap, i think i made Jenn mad.

THESE PEOPLE ARE FREAKING RICH. I swear! They've got four flat screen tv's, three computers, a million DVD's, video games, computer games, a VCR (yaaay! something i know how to work!).

It's cool. They're nicer than some of the other families I've stayed with.

I think i'm gonna go say sorry to Jenn. She's mad.



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Angel Wings said...

well obviously you do... I hate holloween...


-make a note of it

Angel Wings

Seth said...

Wow. You're on, like, at the same time as me.


Angel Wings said...

Yeah it like never happens...Tell me when your logging off so i'm not hanging there trying to get an answer from thin air...okay?

Angel Wings said...

Seth are you with me???

Angel Wings said...

GOD right when I finally have the time to actually communicate without waiting a DAY!!!

Seth said...

Sorry. Was pre-occupied.

Angel Wings said...

I logged off right before you posted that...TEE HEE