Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Day of School

Ugh. I'd forgot how incredebly boring public school was. Or, excuse me, private schools, for that matter. Jenn goes to a private school with (cough) no buses.

This could make it difficult to ditch.

Okay, so i got woken up with a penlight at 5:30 this morning by, none other than, Jenn. It was like, GET THE FREAKING LIGHT OUT OF MY EYES OR I AM GOING TO KICK YOU IN THE HEAD!

And I nearly starved before lunch. What happens when a teenage boy gets really hungry, you ask? Well, let me ask you this; Do you really want to know?? No? Good. It's really aweful.

So, um, I got called (counts on fingers) 'freak', 'cute', 'emo', 'kid', 'freak' again, and 'hey, um...' today. Get the name right.

Jenn's friend Sam was getting really annoying. She's asian, so i guess that would make it so you have to tollerate her? Is that how it goes here? I dunno. (She was the one calling me 'cute')
I got a science project. I have to pick some invention and write a report about it.
I picked the dishwasher (yaaay! go Seth!).
I already started writing it, but we have some thing (yes, some thing, not something. kinda like 'sooome pig!') at our school that makes it so we have, like, an account or something. I dunno. It's really annoying. I had to get a teacher to make me one 'cause i'm new and special like that. XD


I also concitered kicking Sam in the head. Or just simply informing her of my martial arts status. Jenn elbowed me in the ribs when I twitched in Sam's direction a fraction of an inch. She's really starting to read my actions. At the Home, nobody just got me like this, not even Felix.
She even gets it when i don't smile and my left ear moves slightly (that is a Seth smile). And that raising my eyebrows is a sign of being interested.



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gentrhon said...

thanks for everything seth your blog is very interesting too

one thing the translation of mi site is made for google, this isn't my mistake.

google isn't very good for translate in any case thanks for your visit

you have a good friend from spain

goodbye and see you soon

pd: good luck

Angel Wings said...

Yo, welcome to the world of BORING!!! I HATE some of my teachers... preferably I hate my third and fourth period teachers...which is the same teacher sooo I baisicly hate just one of my teachers...I can't help laughing at my comment cause I was sorta talking to myself in a comment...