Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Have Been Denied Food, Yet Again

I caught Sasha in the kitchen making bundt cake, and when i tried to steal a slice she told me it was for Thanksgiving and that her side of the family was coming over. I told her, "Great," with mucho enthusiasm, and she told me to go find Jenn for her.
Great, so my foster-extended-family is coming over? This should be fun.

I helped Jenn make a model of DNA. She had to for homework because she chose the homework presentation as 'model' instead of 'paper' like I did.
So basically, I made a model of DNA while Jenn messed around with plastic beads for an hour. When I finished, she told me "Thank you," for the idea, and ran off to show Sasha what 'we' made. I counted to ten silently and tried not to kick a wall.

Oh, and I did that again yesterday, and Blake took away my CD collection again because he finds this affective for disapline.

Jenn ran into my room and told me that we were going to go see Twilight in two weeks. When I asked to define 'we' she told me it'd be me, Sam, and her. Fun. And then I read a book for three hours on the couch downstairs without even stopping to eat or pee. Haha, I impressed myself. Finally.

I think i'll make myself some banana bread tomorrow.

5 people who have something to say:

Kristina said...

i once read for 6 hours stright, without eating or using the was a long book.

Cabbie said...

What were you reading??

Seth said...

a book called 'i'm exploding now', and then jenn threw twilight at me the other day, and so i aparently have to read it.

Angel Wings said...

OKAY!!! The banana bread thing was so random, I said that to my friend and she said "Are you drunk???"

Seth said...

hey! i like banana bread! is it so wrong if a guy likes to cook? you people are so judgemental. XD