Friday, November 7, 2008

Guess Who Got In A Fight Today???

Some freak-show pushed me today and I turned around and told him to BACK OFF!! Then he punched at me, and I blocked, then he took another swing, and I blocked him hard with an outside for-arm block. He screamed and clutched his arm, and i pushed him over and walked away. Then he grabbed me from behind, and punched the back of my head, I went spilling over, got up, and roundhouse kicked him hard in the chest with a satisfying crack of a rib.
Guess who won? 0-:-)

He won't be bothering me again. Apparently he has a history of bullying. (shrugs)

But Blake took away the stereo that Sasha bought me at Target. And my CD collection. :-(
That made me sad.

But I won a fist fight! And I broke that kid's rib. I didn't even get suspended because he punched me first! Haha!


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Angel Wings said...

I can't wait untill my first fist fight...I was almost in one on my bus but the're stop was...I'l post about it i'm bored anyway...

Cabbie said...

Nice. :)