Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snood. Know Thy Turkey.

In the holiday spirit, we'll all be eating turkey, shortly. I just thought I'd inform you on what was on what your eating XD

The snood is a fleshy appendage that attaches just above the beak. When the tom relaxes, the snood is short — maybe half an inch long. When the tom struts, the snood engorges with blood and extends to hang down over the beak. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, the snood has no known function.

Happy Snood Day,
The Shepherds (wait, there's only one of me...)

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Cabbie said...

Wow. I feel... educated.

Kim said...

hey i didnt read ur post yet but im soo excited that u know the DotA song by Basshunter. my friend played that song for me but i couldnt remember it and it was driving me crazy. thanks

Angel Wings said...

That was so random it's not even funny...well maybe it is XDXDXD...I'm done.