Monday, November 24, 2008

[chocolate chip] Banana Bread and Nobama

Okay, so I actually made banana bread yesterday. It was reeeaaally good. And I saw chocolate chips in the cubbard, so i threw them into the mix, so it was beyond my normal expectations. Jenn came down to see what I was doing and was like, "OMG, Seth, what are you doing? Did you tell M--Sasha that your doing that? She's gonna freaking kill you!"
"Muhsasha?" I smirked, licking batter off my finger, laughing silently at my quoting.
She groaned at me, and went over to the phone that was ringing. "Hello?"
I chuckled again, and grabbed a spoon and dipped it in the banana gook.
"No, she's busy at the momennnthSEGPH!" she growled with her mouth full of, ahem, thpoon. Hahaha.
She grabbed at me, and I nimbly dodged out of the way. She threw her thpoon at at me and got saliva-batter on me.
When she finally hung up the phone she walked over to where I was putting flour in a pan.
"That was good," she said, peeking over my shoulder. "Hey, but you could probably have done without the chocolate chips."
I threw flour at her without looking.
She shrieked and hit me upside the head.
"Hey!" I said, and hit her back. "Leave me alone, critic."
"Mmkay," she said, licking a finger.
I turned back to my cooking, and poured the batter into a pan.

Moral of the story: Always make your banana bread with chocolate chips.

Oh, and then I ran back after I put it in the oven and screamed "NOBAMA!" in her ear.

3 people who have something to say:

Cabbie said...

Brilliant! I must try the chocolate chip phenomenon!

Angel Wings said...

I made a german desert dish the other day!!! I ate half of it by myself.

Nano said...

Nobabma. Hehe. That went around my school. Then these girls came to cc and were like,"Our history teacher had a conversation at lunch, and he said her wouldn't tell us who he was voting for. Then her said 'abomination', but we thought he said 'obamanation.'" So, the history teacher coined a new phrase without meaning to for our school. :D