Monday, March 9, 2009

Read the Post Below This One Before You Read This

Okay, so today Flash, Jenn, and I went to the mall. It was really fun, up until Jenn shoved me into a dressing room at Hot Topic and yanked off my black shirt and put a hot pink one on me. It was pretty dang awkward. Then Flash started taking pictures (no pun intended) and I nearly killed him. The emo-freak-employees just looked at us funny. I almost died laughing.

We fight about everything and anything. Currently for the past week, it's been Jenn. I do something like put my arm around her shoulders, and Flashman takes her arm and just HAS to show her something. I'll be sitting and Jenn sits next to me and puts her head on my shoulder, and Flashman texts her from across the room. He likes her a lot. It's so obvious.

So we were at the Cheesecake Factory, and we all realized at the same time that none of us had any money. And we were like, CRAP.

Then I said something in Jenn's ear and she just turns around and kisses me full on the lips. Flashman boiled in his seat. "I need to go to the bathroom," he croaks when I finally shove Jenn off.

I feel sorry for him, he has to put up with us. I hadn't even been a factor in his crush, and he probably had it all planned out that he was going to ask her out, and take her to the ice cream shop, and whatever.

Why is this so difficult??

~ Seth

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