Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've Been Tagged By Sam, Darn That Sam. Flashman, You Should Really Go After Sam. I Think She Likes You.

"Read the questions below, type your answer into flikr search and pick a picture from the first page of search results you like most.
"First name? Favorite food? High school you go/went to? Favorite color? Favorite Celebrity?Favorite drink? Dream vacation? Favorite dessert? What do you want to be when you grow up?What do you love most in life? What's one word that describes you? Flikr name?


Cheesecake Mark Zealand High School Mint Green
Max Thieriot (sorry, Seth, but Max is reaaally cute. Not as cute as you when you're jealous, though. :) Hot Cocoa New Zealand (not just my school) A Vet My two best friends: Seth and Flashman (even though they don't get along so well.)Fun!
Okay! I want both Flash and Seth to make one of these! Hurry!
I love both you guys! *mwah!*
~ Jenn

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Jillian said...


I will do this, if you don't mind me tagging myself!

Jenn said...

yeah! omg! go ahead!