Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay, I've Got A Question For You All.

How is it that my blog has twenty-seven followers and the blog that brought me to life has four? I gotta say, Steph's not happy, and she's thinking of shutting it down because nobody reads it. I'm sorry if you do read it, but please give some indication that you in fact are reading it...coughcommentcough!

So yeah.

Uh...but if this happens, there's a chance this blog might stop posting.



You have something to say?

~Seth (and Jenn!)

6 people who have something to say:

Jillian said...

That, Steph, is pure manipulation. =]

Hey, are you also writing "Above The influence?"

Seth said... you mean me me, or steph?

Kansas said...

Ummm might i say that it is very unfair to your readers to shut down you blog? UNFAIR I TELL YOU

Insane Klutz said...

UNFAIR!!!!! don't u dare!!!!!

Jenn said...

XD that rymed.

Gaara said...

No!!!!I'll get on right now!!!!!