Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Dillema ([jenn] ha! seth can't spell that word! [seth] shut up!)

Okay. So today was St. Patrick's Day.
Only problem with that: I don't wear green.
So, like, people would go around pinching me, and I had to kick a few shins, but eventually people stopped pinching because I said I was Irish. Which was a total lie, because I totally don't know where my bloodlines run, but anyway.
Then in art, Flashman had rigged an email from Jenn's Drama teacher saying that she was allowed in this class period because of some project, and had rigged an email from our Art teacher to the Drama teacher, ect.
Long story short, Jenn streaks into the Art room after fifteen minutes with a box of markers and tackles me to the ground, then starts scribbling all over my face with a green one. So I finally manage to wrestle the marker out of her hands and get her off me, then I proceed to attack her back with the same one, when Flashman all of the sudden gets really mad and grabs a fistfull of green markers from a bin labeled "green". Then all of the sudden they're both on me, and the whole class is just watching in histarics as the emo kid who sits in the back is getting covered in bright green colors all over his face and arms.
Oh, and Jenn wrote "I love Jenn" on my arm. Garr.
And then Flashman scribbled that out and wrote "Death to Seth" under it.
Then Jenn grins at Alex and with a clean swipe of her arm, puts a single streak of grass-green ink across his forhead. Flash tackles her to the ground, and by the time I get over there, he's got his lips plastered on hers and she's trying to shove him off.
So of course, I attack him, and we all get sent to the office. And then Blake and Sasha show up to take us home because that was the last class of the day, and Blake demanded to know why I did what I did.
I'm like, "Uh...Alex was kissing Jenn?"



(P.S., Flash, this isn't over.)

3 people who have something to say:

Kristina said...

i saw a kid covered in green marker today (actually a lot of kids covered in green marker), it was pretty funny.

Kansas said...

i drew a shamrock in green sharpie XD

Vampire with avien wings said...

Seth will win....I don't no y I said that, but now that I did....Flashman sorry....Don't know u too well.yet.