Friday, March 20, 2009

I Think I Have a Major Issue Here

I rigged this message (because Flash showed me how) so that a certain two people can't read it. I think you might know who they are.

I have a problem, and maybe you've had the same one too.

I think I'm in love with two different guys. I don't know how to choose between them, and it's breaking my heart to see them both get hurt.

One I met a long time ago in fifth grade. We'd been friends, and in sixth grade he told me that I was his best friend. We get along, and sometimes he stays for weekends when his dad goes on a business trip. He and I were like siblings.

The other I met just five months ago. He came and stayed with us temperaraly, and now my parents are thinking of adopting him. I like him, he's become one of the "three". He's amazing and talented, and he loves me.

Today we were watching "National Treasure" and it occured to me that we the "three" are the main characters. We've got Riley, the computer hack; Abigail, the tough girl; and Ben, the strong and adventurous. They both like her, and they all work really, really well together. Weird analogy, but that's all i could come up with.

And now I'm having issues figuring out what to do.

Yours racked,


9 people who have something to say:

Jillian said...

I love flash, personal opinion

Jillian said...

I mean, i've dated emo's, and they aren't as fun

Jenn said...

Seth's not emo, he's just quiet. Like Fang. And, I mean, he talks to me.

Kansas said...

I LOVE FANG!!! anywho i like seth better flash is a jerk

heehee the word ver is emoss

charlotte said...

i like seth better :D

Flashman said...

JENN, DAMNIT....i hate when i teach u something and u use it agiast me...y does it say "veiw error" whenever i try to look at this post....but i didnt teach u how to rig the comments

ur a loser char and kansas

Temari said...

Choose the one you've loved longer...i mean, ive been in this situation before, and whatever you do DO NOT PICK SOMEONE OUT OF SYMPATHY. I picked one guy out of sympathy, he dumped me for another girl, i still love the guy i didnt pick, and he doesnt love me anymore because of what ive done. it still breaks my heart to even talk to him. i dont show it tho...

Kristina said...

i have a feeling i'm going to regret saying this but... i like Flash better.

Evon said...

jeez, seth is totally emo.

i like flash, but it totally doesn't mater because the main character of setph's story is eth, so he totally gets the girl.

ooh. i just read a more recent post. guess who was right?