Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi, I'm Jenn. Seth's probably told you a lot about me and I've posted a bit. Uh...but now I have an account! Yay!

Seth got mad at me and Flashman today because he found out that Flashman apparently likes me.
I uh...yeah awkward.
But I really hate how Seth just hates Flashman. I mean, he doesn't hate him, he talks to him like a normal person, but sheesh.
He's told me how that if Flashman ever tries to kiss me, I have to kick him as hard as I can where the sun don't shine (if you know what I mean). I honestly think Alex won't get that far, but whatever. Oh! For those of you who don't know, Flashman's first name is Alex. So if I ever say anything about Alex, it's Flashman.

It's also awkward that Alex likes me because I've been friends with him since the beginning of sixth grade and he's basically my best friend aside from Seth.

GAAAH. Oh, and Dad walked in on me and Seth kissing...(we weren't making out, but it was pretty darn close) and...that didn't go over well. He totally flipped out. Seth's grounded. He almost got sent back, but Mom was all like, "They're not siblings! It's not like it totally matters because he's going back sometime, right?"
Geez, Dad's such a jerk sometimes. Scared the crap out of Seth. :( Poor Seth.


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