Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Okay, I Had Such A Craptacular Evening.

Ever have one of those headaches that makes you wish you had a gun to shoot yourself?

Okay, so yesterday, I was getting a really bad migrane (because I get these from time to time, and fortuantly am on medication) in Science, and I sit next to Sammy, so she wouldn't freaking shut up, so the headache kept getting worse. I thought that lunch would help some, but no. It was loud, and the florecent lights don't help. Fourth period English was okay, 'cause the lights were off.
Then in fifth period Math, we were taking some online math tests that get graded, and I just could not concentrate, so Jenn and I went to the nurse.
And why was Jenn coming along, you ask? Because I had to cover my eyes because the light burned and Jenn had to steer me along, that's why.
So we get up there, and Jenn tells the nurse, "Hi, um, my brother's having a really bad migrane and wants to lay down."
"Do you need to come along too, dear?" she asks, mentally comparing my black hair and brown eyes and Jenn's brown hair and green eyes.
I gripped Jenn's shoulder as another wave of pain came along. "Yeah," she said.
So the nurse brings us back and I lay down on the little bed, and my legs hang off the end 'cause I'm so tall. "Do you need to call Mom, babe?" the nurse asks, rubbing my shoulder and handing me a wet cloth.
I put it on my face. "Jenn, call Sasha," I mutter.
She springs up and dials the phone. I faintly hear the ringing and conversation because when you have a migrane, all of your senses become sharper. "Hi, Mom? No, I'm okay. Seth has another migrane and he wants to come home. You can? Okay, cool...yeah, I can come home, too."

Ten minutes later.

"Seth, honey? Your mom's here."
She's not my mom...I say in my head.
Jenn helps me up and grabs my stuff. She sees Sasha and waves, guiding me out the office door towards her with a hand on my back. I weakly open my eyes, and my vision blurrs. "I'm sorry," Sasha says, giving me a sideways hug and kissing my temple. I'm in too much pain to object to the embrace. She rubs my back and we walk out to the car together.
I get shot-gun and recline my chair all the way back while Jenn sits in back. The pain is coming in strong waves, gripping every last sense of sanity I've managed to hang onto.
Oh, God, now I'm nausiated...
The car finally stops and I pop out, eyes still closed, and vomit on the driveway. "Ick," I hear Sasha say to herself.
Jenn grabs me around the waist and helps me into the house and up the stairs to my room. "Is there anything I can do for you?" I hear her ask.
I can't feel anything but the pain, I'm thinking about nothing but the pain, I can't open my eyes because the pain increases, I can't sit up because I'll puke...
Tears leak out of my eyes and I curl into a pathetic little ball, trying not to cry. I supress a wimper as I reach out to hold her hand tight. "Shh..." she cooes, stroking my sweat-drenched hair. "I'll go get you a warm washcloth, I'll be back."
Then she's gone, and I let the tears fall. At some point, she comes back and places something warm on my forehead and turns off my light, and I'm alone again.
I fell asleep at some point dreaming about the Flock for some reason, then woke up by myself, and the pain is back. I can't cry out because it hurts, I can't open my eyes, I can't stand up, and oh, God...
Vomit makes its way quickly up my throat and fills my mouth. I grab my mouth in an attempt to keep it in as I tried to get up and run to the bathroom, but I don't make it.
I assume all they heard from downstairs was a sickly 'splat' and me falling to the ground, 'cause that's what I heard.
I can't remember what happened from there, but I know that I woke up at two-o-clock clutching my head and staggering to the bathroom to take a hot shower and feeling a bit better, then falling asleep on the couch downstairs, then waking up the next morning with Jenn on the other end of the sofa sleeping sitting up, her fist under her chin. It's probably four-o-clock. She must have heard the shower going. I shift and wince, and her eyes open. "Hey," she says mildly, yawning.
I give a whimper and hold my head, and she scoots over and pulls my head into her lap, rubbing small circles in my temples. "I'm sorry," she says, and my eyebrows draw together.
I think we both fell asleep like that, and the next thing I see is Sasha shaking Jenn awake for school.
I slept on the couch most of the day, and woke up a few times, and this is where I am now. Fun day.
I think I know what my own personal hell would be now.


6 people who have something to say:

Zaniac said...

Ooh, hope you feel better soon.

Do you know what you were diagnosed with?

Flu/Stomach Flu you think?

Kristina said...

ew, i hate migranes!

Kendra Logan said...

I hope you feel better! That sounds horrible! I hate headaches, but I've never had one that bad.

Kansas said...

i used to get migranes i had one yesterday i hate them i get all grumpy

lol the word ver is eyedea

Rien said...

aww... I'm so sorry. Hope it was just a bad migrane and not swine or something. My best friend passed out in the hallway today.

Seth said...

well, that's not good. but apparently i'm still alive, so that's something.