Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isn't It Sad

Isn't it sad that most of the things that are on my blog will never even be put into Steph's book? Like, a lot of the things that I do to Jenn will never be entered.

Anyways, yesterday we had Monday off, so Jenn, Flash, Sam and I went to the mall and Cheesecake Factory. Because that's the girl's favorite place. Not mine. But, I mean, who passes up cheesecake? Really?
So I split a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake slice with Jenn (because they actually give you two forks for one person, oddly enough), and Flash and Sammy split a Blueberry Cheesecake slice.
Is it just me, or is something weird beginning to happen between those two? Let me state the facts:
a) Flash begged to bring her.
b) Flash and Sammy...uh...are a little more, how shall we say, touchy.
c) I caught them holding hands.
Well, so much for his hope of dating Jenn. Hahaha.
I got forced into another dressing room at American Eagle to try on this:

And Jenn was looking for a vest for me to wear, but Flash slowly stepped in front of it as she passed it, so she didn't find one. Sammy just stood there laughing.
And then when I'd come out of the dressing room, they all burst out laughing because I would normally dress in black, but now I was in white.
Oh, just so freaking funny, right?
I just about strangled somebody.

I found an outfit for Jenn, but she decided it was time for Starbucks, grabbing my arm and ushering us towards the nearest coffee shop. I complained I didn't have any money, so Sammy pulls out a fifty and was like, "I'M BUYING EVERYONE COFFEEE!!!"
Flash just laughed at her while she took orders. I got normal coffee. Black.

And then we saw some kids from school, freaked out, and hid behind manikins in Forever 21. It was pretty funny. Flash fell down but held his pose, and the people just looked at him and started laughing, then the girls pointed at me and, what's the word, squee'd. So I ran down the mall pushing people out of the way while they chased me screaming, "SETH!! SETH!!"
I eluded them by slowing my pace and calmly walking through Old Navy. They ran in, and while they were looking, I made my escape.

Good times.

We said our goodbyes, and Jenn and I walked home. Yes, we actually walked back from the mall. That's how much her parents trust me.

And we ate a quick dinner of spaggetti before quickly falling asleep together on the couch watching "Pride and Predjudice".

That's it! Bye!

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Limer said...

Pretty interesting :p

Kendra Logan said...

Lol, sounds fun! That's the kind of stuff me and my friends do at the mall and shopping centers, too :) I love reading this blog; it's always so funny ;)

Carrie said...

It is very entertaining. I think it's funny that you watched Pride and Prejudice.

Slake said...
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Seth said...

that last comment was me on the wrong email. whoops.


yeah. it was okay.

only jenn was complaining about all the ways i wasn't like mr. darcy. it got irritating.