Thursday, April 23, 2009


And yes, sam, anything bellow this, u will not be able to read...because yes, I did rig it
Ok, so I do like sam! And thanks for pointing it out so the whole freaking world can see! What joy the next school day will be.

And yeah, HELP!! I really do like sam! But we're only in 8th grade! Can you even date at that age? I don't know...I hate when life has problems that a computer can't slove! Uuuurrrrg!!!

I think I'm gonna ask her out.
Like on a date.
Hey, seth and jenn...double date?

And don't even start to judge me Seth...or you, Jenn...because your the ones who live with each other! At 14!
Ya...sorry Sammy, personal post. Hey, I need to talk to you about something tomorrow. Remind me!

4 people who have something to say:

Kendra Logan said...

Good luck :D

Seth said...

hahaha. so he admits it! i knew it!

and, sure, if you guys wanna double date, that's fine.

Jenn said...

Wow. I feel sorry for Sammy (no offence, Flash)

And it is SO true that you hate problems that technology can't solve! I've spend years trying to figure out why.

Nano said...

you guys said ask random questions, so I'm gonna ask questions like that one girl form maxride blog did. :D

Does Seth have sexy feet?
Does Flash have sexy feet?
Are any of you alergic to coconut?
Do you sneeze alot?
Wuz up?
Were you going to take over the world, but then were distracted by something shiny?
Can you find x?
Can you make 1=2? I can.
Do you like to run?
Do you like math?
Is Superchick preforming in your hometown? (They are here!)
Do you like random stories?
Are you now annoyed?

~Luv ya all.