Monday, April 6, 2009

Hoooooly Crap.

Isn't it crazy that we have 34 followers? In seven months? Nuts. Wow.

Okay, so the answer to the question: How would Seth excape a room with only a water bottle, a jump drive, and a match?

A: He'd try to melt the metal on the end of the jump drive (or if that doesn't work, the water bottle) and shove it into the key hole so it would dry in there, and then he could turn the lock. And if that didn't work, well, there's always punching the window out. XD

Also, would anyone be interested in Steph posting the actual chapters of our lives on this blog? I mean, her writing blog wasn't the hugest hit, but maybe we could, you know, post.

Tres, please ask more questions! I know that there are 34 of you guys out there capable of asking random questions like, "Does Seth wear boxers or briefs?"
I actually know the answer to that, oddly.

And somehow Newman got confused about Flash's hair color. ???. He's crazy. But so is Flash.

Sammy says 'hi!!!!!!!!!!!'.

And anyone who knows Steph personally (no, email doesn't count), Steph's going to Oaxaca on a short-term missions trip in Mexico and if you want to donate some money towards that, she'd be more than happy to accept that.

Post more on that later. many of you know Seth has a facebook? So do I, actually...and so does Flashie. So...add us if you feel comfortable. 'Cause you know how social Seth is. *rolls eyes*

For those of you interested, Seth isn't grounded anymore! Also, he got accepted into this program that sets older children in foster homes until they turn 18 and can graduate. Isn't that cool? 'Cause my family doesn't want to adopt him, but they don't want to get rid of him, either. So...yeah! He's staying!

'Nuff Said,


3 people who have something to say:

Kendra Logan said...

That's great about Seth staying! Haha, I don't actually know either of you, but that's still really cool and exciting!!!! :)

Nano said...

Everybody just thinks ur wierd. Like a circus. (Exept for the part where I'd totally be hanging out with you guys, lol) You guys remind me of our lunchtime siege group. (We lay siege to the 10th grade history teacher's room.)
There is a lot of flooring from laughter going on....

Rien said...

Hey! I love your blog. That's cool that you have 30-something followers. And, it's cool that Seth is staying with you guys.

I don't actually know you guys so I hope this comment doesn't come off as creepy.