Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter. Seth and Langly Style

I know that some of my fans have said that it's weird that I live with the person that I'm "together" with. They're like, is Blake okay with that? Do you guys actually "go out"? Stuff like that.

Uh...well today was Sunday. Easter Sunday, actually. So we went to church because that's what the Langlies do (see how i spelled that? i switched -- uh...nevermind.) because they have some spiritual insecurities. I don't. I've been attending Youth Group. I know exactly where I'm going. I told Jenn this, and she said she'd come with me sometime.

So, uh, actually today started out with Jenn and I trying to share bathroom space. Jenn decided she wanted to cut my hair, so she just randomly lunged at me with some skissors and attempted to cut some of my hair off. And here's the funny part: she actually did. She got this awkward piece off of where it almost covers my eyes, and so then I had this long haircut -- and then the one part off.
So Sasha -- being the great mom she is -- decides to just cut my hair. I look a little something like this:

I am so mad at Jenn. Like, not even funny mad.

So after i get a fabulous haircut, they dress me up and we go off to church. Only when we get there and sit down in the sanctuary, and the preacher's preaching, Jenn decides it's a good idea to pinch me over and over again until i end up punching her in the gut. She makes more of a scene than necessary, and is groaning. I think the preacher was looking at us.

So when we get out of there and back home, Sasha starts making some dinner for us, and Jenn and I have to go wrestle for the computer. The sucky thing is Jenn now knows my tickle spot -- the inside of my thigh near my crotch. And we all know that's really wrong for her to tickle me there, but she does it anyway. Just 'cause she's Jenn. You all know Jenn, right?

Long story short, I actually end up getting sat on on the floor outside the computer room while Jenn decides my fate. Like, I'm literally laying on my back and she was sitting on my chest. And she's like, "I win!"

So then Blake and Sasha come into the room and find me tackl'd. And they're like, "Woah. My girlie's learned self defense!"
And I'm like, "Oh, frick, shoot me now."
So then she leans down and kisses my cheek, and was like, "Okay. I get the computer."
I'm like, "Whatever."
And then Sasha says, "Nope, lunch time."
So we're sitting at lunch eating sweet potatoes and stuff and Jenn's like, "I'm tougher than Seth."
Blake looks up and says, "Really?"
"I tackled him and won," she beams.
I hold up my fork. "Uh...actually, I let you win."

Then later after lunch, we're sitting in my room talking, and we're talking about really sentimental things, like my sister and stuff. So Jenn's all teary and Jenn-like and crawls on the bed with me, mumbling, "I love you, Seth."
So I lean over and kiss her hard on the mouth and when Blake finally comes in to ask if we want to go see a movie, I'm hovering over her, and her fingers are in my belt loops and we're making out.
So, of course, Blake freaks out, and I get grounded again (yeah, you're probably all wondering why I get grounded all the time when it's always half Jenn's fault. Truth is -- I HAVE NO IDEA.). And we don't go see a movie.
It was pretty sad. :( I'm just sitting in the computer room, and Jenn's in her room reading. And just so you all feel better, we always sleep in separate rooms. Geez, people.
I gotta go. Blake might come in and tell me that I now can't blog, and that'd be unfortunate.

5 people who have something to say:

Carrie said...

It is kinda strange how you always get grounded.
You look rather blank-eyed in the pic.

Angel Wings said...

Uh...hahaha...thats always SO true!

Jillian said...

weeeeellll, it must have looked bad

Lenna said...

You and all your teenage hormones.

Kendra Logan said...

Lol, well that was funny, and I'm sorry you always get grounded :( Of course you WERE the one on top of her...just saying ;)