Thursday, February 12, 2009


Uh...I'm not going out with Jenn. I really, really like Jenn, but I'm not going out with her. She's special to me, and but, still. We're fourteen. We can't be in a frigging relationship because...we're too young.

An emotional relationship, sure. Yeah, on my Facebook, it says that "Seth Shepherds is in a relationship with Jenn Langly", but if that got out to Sasha and Blake...guh. Blake would rip my guts right out of me.

So...just for clarification perposes....and for my safety...yeah. We're not going steady.

It's just that nobody's actually cared about me before. It's...a weird feeling. Like...imagine that you've never been loved before, and then this person just appears in your life who suddenly cares about you. This is my second friend in fourteen years.

I think I'm on a roll.


4 people who have something to say:

Ginny said...

Sure. Just keep telling yourself that . . .

guitargirl said...

If it's any consolation...I don't even know who Jenn is. LOL!
I'm guitargirl and I found you via Random Musings (I seem to be following Bluey all over the internet. LOL!) and I just thought I'd stop by and say "Hi!"
So, hi!! :)

Kansas said...

*throws up then wipes mouth with back of hand* ewwwwwwww i hate lovey dovey stuff bleh *makes disgusted face*

Angel Wings said...

that was funny

"So no...we're not going steady..."


*sighs happily* As soon as I read that I bursted into laughter...8 D