Monday, October 27, 2008

Author's Note

Hello people. This is Steph. I think everyone here's been to my blog and possibly my writing blog. You know how I'm writing about a kid named Seth Shepherds? Don't bother searching for him on people finding websites, because he doesn't exist.
It's really awesome to me, though, that what I write is beleivable. It makes me feel great 'cause I really know nothing about foster care. XD
My mom researched it because we moved to this really huge house and we have a lot of extra rooms that we can hold peoples in. So we were concitering fostering! Isn't that cool?

But, yeah, Angel, that is what Seth looks like in my mind! Cool, right? I modeled him after Fang. Just 'cause Fang's cool like that.

Seth will continue to post comments and posts on his blog and other's just like a normal person. Just so ya' know.

Over and Out,


2 people who have something to say:

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is really funny, are you sure that he is not real?

Angel Wings said...

Oh, i thought youv'e seen him before and know what he looks like... I'm serious.

-make a note of it

Angel Wings