Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, the interview went something like this:

Blake: "Hello, I'm Blake Langly, and this is my wife Sasha."

Me: had figured that much.

Sasha: "How are you?"

Me: "I got two bloody noses yesterday. But none today, so I'm pretty much okay. I'd say I'm good, then."

Jeff: "This is Blake Langly and Sasha Langly..."

Me: "I got that."

Jeff: "You're gonna be staying with them for a few months until either your dad comes forward or they decide they'd be okay with adopting you and you're okay with that."

Me: Nods. "Okay."

Jeff: "They have a daughter your age, Jenn. She 's about three months younger than you."

Me: "Then why am I staying with them?"

Jeff: "Why what?"

Me: "Never mind."

Blake: "Is...there a problem?"

Jeff and I together: "No!"

Blake and Sasha together: Give us each a look.

I'm not gonna bore you with the whole going to court and figuing this whole wangdoodle out, so yeah. I'm going to their house in, like, a week.

Have you ever been on I got really addicted to it and wouldn't get off Jeff's computer, and he got really mad at me and blocked the site. So now I actually have to go read a BOOK. Which doesn't really bother me because I got a Maximum Ride book from the last family I was with. That was the type of FanFiction I was reading.

DANG IT JEFF!! Oh, crap, if he gets on here...



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Angel Wings said...

Yo, It's angel wings and I wouldn't feel alone with the foster care I have three old friends that have recently been split up in the u.s. that are in foster care. I know I shouldn't say this cauz I know that you get this crap all the time, but still.I tend to not blend well with others but my blog is the first step of being normal. If you havn't noticed I have very old parents, and I totally understand. E-mail me,