Friday, July 3, 2009

Alright, My Faithful Friends

We have come to a turning point. On tuesday, Steph decided to start her book over, so we have this decision as to (in which I will need your votes):
a) start the blog over, because that would help us out a lot.
b) Steph wants to change my name to Jepeth Isaiah Shepherds. Do you guys think she should change it?
c) whether you guys want sneek peeks of the chapters to come.
d) if you want me to continue (which we both really don't want to do, but if you guys want us to, we will).
and e) if Jenn and I should still be foster sibs.

Please vote by commenting on this post.

Thanks, guys, you're the best.

Live today, see you tomorrow,

Seth Shepherds

5 people who have something to say:

☽ruby☾ said...

dont make jenn and seth(or if you change the name) foster siblings. its just a little bit weird:)

looking forward to your remake:)


Carrie said...

Foster sibs definetly gets some situations useful for romance, but it's kind of awkward sometimes. Maybe something should happen that forces seth to be moved to a different foster home at some point in the book.
And I don't mind if you start it over. Personally, I like Seth better, but I wouldn't mind if you changed the name.

Jessie said...

I say do what ever you need to re- write the book.

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, wow. Big decisions. I really like Jen and Seth being foster siblings. It makes the story interesting and realistically complex.

I don't really like the name Jepeth, and I love the name Seth, so I vote for keeping it Seth. Plus, the name just seems to fit the character. I don't know, it just feels right the way it is.

If you do start the blog over, please don't delete this one! I like this blog, but even if you decide not to continue posting here, I think you should leave this blog up for old time's sake, and so you can go back and look at stuff.

What do you mean "if you want me to continue"? Contiune blogging, existing, what?

Seth said...

continue blogging at the point i am. like, as if steph never started over.