Monday, June 29, 2009

Lost Dog! Reward!

So the other day, Steph's dog Boaz was out an about at night, and in the morning before the Steph's family went to church, Bo Puppy was gone. I'll post a pic, any information leading to his recovery will be rewarded. Not even kidding. Here's a picture of him:I'm, like, totally dead serious about this, if you know Steph personally and you have information, or if you just have information, email me. I can be reached at
Thank you all for your cooperation.

In other news, Kendra Logan posted a quiz, and I love filling out quizzes, so I filled this out:
1. What is your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni.
2. If you could be anything for a day, what would it be? A bird. Just stay away from hunting grounds and cats and I would be okay.
3. What is your favorite boy's name? Japeth, closely followed by Isaiah, Noah, and Elijah.
4. What would you be willing to eat for 10,000 dollars? Anything except live spiders. I. Hate. Spiders.
5. What mythical creature would you want to be? Uh...toughy. I'd say a hobbit. Nobody bugs hobbits unless they posess a certain ring.
6. You have a weakness for...? Jenn.
7. If you had one day left to live, how would you live it? Trying to stop my death. Unless it was cancer, then I'd go sit next to my sister's grave and have a picnic with the Langlys.
8. Your favorite author is...? Cory Doctorow. He wrote Little Brother. It's such a man book.
9. Are you good with violence in movies? YES. I love violent movies. (^-^)
10. Are you a good liar? Depends on who I'm lying to. Sasha and Jenn always can catch me. Everyone else? Not so much.
11. What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? Qdoba.
12. Do you have any siblings? I have one biological sister that died, Vi, and one foster-sis, Jenn.
13. If so, do you get along with them? Most of the time.
14. Who's your favorite Disney movie villain? Um. I never watched Disney movies as a kid. (But Jenn just said that we're watching Beauty and the Beast. Tonight.)
15. Who's your favorite Disney movie prince? Jenn told me to say Prince Edward from Enchanted. *knuckle in mouth* "GUH-ZELLE!!"
16. You're a sucker for...? Jenn...
17. What time are you usually in bed by (in the summertime)? Past midnight.

*portal to my world*

President Stone (again, my world) has issued that should TBII get any worse that the government will confinscate all children under the age of eighteen and keep them in safe, sterile facilities (coughlabwhitecough) until they can control the disease and create a vacine so no more children will be lost. Like, we'd be held in cells. Dear, God.
Iraqi scientist Dr. Abrahem Al-Salaib will be in charge of the medicine despersed to all of the children infected or at risk of TBII.
Does anyone else think that's pretty fishy sounding? Some dude from Iraq, geez.

*portal back* Jenn and I have been trying to figure out what my geneology is, and we've gotten so far as figuring out what my mom was. I know she was half Mexican, so that would make me a fourth. I know she's a fourth German, and a fourth Swedish.
Now, Jenn thinks that I must be a half Arabic or something because of the way I look. Only my hair is streight, not wavy. So huh.


Live today, see you tomorrow,


3 people who have something to say:

Kendra Logan said...

Wow, someone actually did the fill-out! *gasp* :) Thanks!

Good luck with the whole TBII situation...

I would be on the look out for Boaz, but I think that's pretty futile since I don't even know where Steph lives.

Steph said...

Colorado, same as Seth. If he were real he'd actually live across the highway from me.

Silent killer:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

I'm so sorry Steph!!!