Friday, May 15, 2009

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I just have to say this: I love Jenn. I do. It's true.

Jenn, you are my best friend, and I'll have a hard time accepting that it's true if we break up. Because I love you. I really do.

Here's some "Jenn + Seth" moments from Steph's book as it is:

He shut down the computer and stood up. “I just have to get out of here,” he said with a pained expression. “I can’t stand being looked after and being cared for. It’s not me.”
He looked at Jenn, who was also now standing and leaning against the wall. “You know?” he asked.
She looked like she wasn’t sure if she should say something meaningful or hug him. “Seth, maybe you shouldn’t always run. Just stay with us, with me. I’ve never had a brother.”
He sniffed, red eyed. He felt like he’d cried too much over the past week. That was more than he’d ever cried in his life. Like, like he was coming unglued.
“And I like it,” she said.
He watched her.“Yeah?” his voice wavered.
She smiled.
“I’m just tired of moving around all the time, and people not liking me, and feeling like nobody wants me. I’m tired of being sent away when I get in a fight at school or getting bad grades and breaking things…” a new wave of tears fell down his face.
“…But nobody ever realized that it was you that was breaking,” she said with understanding.
Seth rubbed his fists in his eyes. “Yeah.”
Then Jenn put her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. “I’m here, Seth, you’re not alone.”
He stood stiffly, wondering how to handle this, but is arms eventually came around to hold her tight. He put his chin on her head.“I know,” he whispered.
“Please don’t go anywhere.”
He closed his eyes. “I won’t.”

“High squid, Jenn!” Sammy laughed, holding out her hand, but Alex grabbed Jenn about the waist and rammed his knuckles into her head.
“Noogie!” he exclaimed.
Jenn screeched and started hitting him. “Seth! Save me!”
Seth ran at Alex and knocked him to the cave floor. Jenn laughed as Seth went to go stand by her. “My hero!” Jenn laughed, hugging him.
He smirked. “Your hair’s all messed up,” he said.
Her hands flew to her head. “Oh…um…” she stammered, desperately trying to re-position the wild strands back into place.
Seth hesitantly brushed the wisps back into their correct sides of her part. Jenn blushed and watched his eyes. When they met hers and lingered, he stopped. “Better?” he asked, a smile playing at his lips.
She looked down and nodded. “Yeah, thanks.”
He looked back at Sammy and Alex to find them watching him and Jenn in silence.
“Woah,” Alex said finally.
Sammy was grinning. “What?!” Jenn asked severely.
“Oh, nothing,” Alex said, rolling his eyes. “Nothing at all.”
“Anybody want to head back?” Jenn asked.
Sammy looked at Alex. The air was cold, and Jenn shivered. “Surrre…” Sammy said. “I need to walk with Flashman, though, Jenn. I have to talk to him about something.”
Jenn crossed her arms, though Seth had noticed she was gripping her forearms as if trying to warm herself.
Sammy grabbed Alex’s sleeve, and they started walking, leaving Seth and Jenn in the cave. Jenn raised an eyebrow at him. “Shall we?”
He shrugged. He couldn’t figure out why it was so easy to be himself around her. She was just totally easygoing about anything and everything. It was like he was a totally different person around her.
She shivered again. “It’s cold in here, lets’ go.”
“Do you want to borrow my jacket?” Seth asked, unbuttoning one of the ancient plastic disks.
She nodded. “Yeah, that’d be nice.”
He undid the rest of the buttons and draped the jacket over her shoulders. “Thank you, kind sir,” she said, pulling it tight. She smelled it, but didn’t say anything.
He put his hands in his pockets. “No problem.”
They started off walking towards the trail. Seth couldn’t define the feeling he had when he was around her. It was new. The feeling was like…when he wasn’t around her, he wanted to be. And when he was, he felt totally unsure about himself, but at the same time, totally comfortable. And it seemed entirely strange to him that he felt this even though he’d only known her a week.
“What do you think they needed to talk about?” he asked her casually.
Jenn frowned. “I don’t know.”
Hopefully not us.

Anyway, peeps, that's what she's got. If you want, Steph'll post more, but for now, just comment and tell her how she's doing. Maybe give a few pointers.



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Kendra Logan said...

I think it's very good so far! I really don't hand out compliments like that all the time, because I have ridiculously high standards with books. This is honestly very good, though.

I really liked reading So She Writes, and this is one of my favorite blogs to read, too. I didn't know you (Seth) didn't exist until I read Limer's profile. Let's just say it was a complete shock.

Steph, you're a very good writer! The things you write are so believable and your characters are complex. I love reading your writing! Keep it up!

Nano said...

omg. Mushiness overload.

Seth said...


Kansas said...

i dont know to cry or throw up

Thief:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

cool!ur doing awsome!*cough*