Friday, December 12, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Posted In Awhile

I've been kinda swamped with homework.

Hey, does anyone wanna solve this for me?

You are to be given four clues. Solve the problem by reading each clue carefully.

a) The door code is made up of six unique digits. The last digit is 8.
b)Odd and even digits alternate (0 is even)
c) The difference of adjacent digits is always bigger than one.
d) The first two digits (read as one number) as well as the two middle digits (as one number) are multiples of the last two digist (as one number).

Thanks! Pray for snow!

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kan-do-all-things said...

i just have 1 thing 2 say: HUH???

Angel Wings said...

...I'm confused...*gives a dazed look*

Seth said...

yeah, that's why i asked you guys.

nancyann said...


Seth said...

wow. thanks!