Friday, July 24, 2009

Somehow This Post Got Deleted.

I'm restarting my blog elsewhere, so if everyone could kindly direct their attention to Learning to Breathe (my new blog) then I'll be totally happy with you guys. I love you all.
Flash still won't give me back my admin privalages, so if you could all send him a complaint that would be great. I can't do anything with out those privalages, and he didn't write this blog, and therefore has no right to be the boss of it.
Check out Steph's blog for an update about her Mexico Missions trip! She's posting all of her journals, so this could be worth checking out! It's gonna be great.

See you all at Learning to Breathe!


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Kendra Logan said...

Flashman did that?? Wow, that is so rude and totally unacceptable. He doesn't really sound like a very good friend, and he was complaining about Steph! Wow.

If you are reading this Flashman, I'm telling you that I read your post on why you're mad at Steph, but this kind of petty retaliation is just stupid and makes *you* look bad, not Steph. Give it up, would you? And maybe try *talking* to Steph about it?? Just a thought.