Monday, May 11, 2009

The House. dun dun duuuunnn... (modified -- I don't have that many friends!)

Pick 3 random friends you feel comfortable around.
1. Jenn
2. Sammy
3. Flashman

These three people you just picked are stuck in a house with you for a whole year. There is no leaving the house at all until the year is completely up. If you had to choose a person for every question below, write down which person it would be.

There are two rooms, who would be in each room?
Okay, I am NOT sharing a room with Flashman! And Flashman's NOT sharing a room with Jenn!
1. Seth and Jenn
2. Sammy and Flashman

If there was someone singing in the morning who would it most likely be?
Probably Sammy. And Jenn. Heck, maybe even Flash.

If someone was considered the dad and the mom of the house, who is it?
Most mature girl in the house: Jenn
Most mature guy in the house: Seth

If you wanted candy really badly and all of the 7 in the house had some, who would you take it from?
Sammy. She always has a tin of Altoids somewhere.

If two people were caught making out in a closet who would it be?
Do I have to answer this? Okay, me and Jenn. Or Flash and Sammy, even though (as far as I know) they're not in that type of relationship!

If someone had to watch you brush your teeth (every) morning, who would it be?
Flashman. He has issues with people and bad breath.

There were two bags of chips bought at the store, but 20 minutes later they are gone. Who ate them?
Me and Flash (slap high fives).

Who would hate being in the house the most?
Me. I hate people.

Someone took (brand spanking new) pair of socks that were never worn, who is the thief?
Flashman. He's just a neat freak like that.

Someone swept all the dirt under the rug, who was it?

If there was arguments in the house, who would be the ones arguing?
Me and Flashman. We don't really like each other so well.

Who would be the one missing there boyfriend/girlfriend that wasn’t in the house with them?
Uh...Mr. Invisible would be missing Ms. See-Through, that's for sure.

You walked down stairs in the middle of the night for a glass of water, someone is dancing on the table in there Leopard Thong, who is the crazy one?
Jenn. Oh, God...

A pillow fight broke through, who started it?
Jenn and Sammy while Flash and I were trying to watch football. Just so you know, I won by knocking Sammy and Flashman out and silencing Jenn with the kiss-of-death.

Theres a marathon of your favorite tv show, what is it? and who would be watching it with you? ER, and they'd be re-runs. Everyone would be watching, of course!

Someone made a fort in the laundry room, who was the kid?
Jenn! What are you doing in there?!

There’s a prankster in the house that put plastic on the two toilets in the house, who are the pranksters?
Sammy and Flashman.

The musics too loud, who turned it up?
Jenn. She likes loud music. She and Sammy would be waltzing around the house while I just got up and get a cup of coffee.

Theres a mouse crawling on the floor all over the house,
a) Who is the first one to scream? Flashman. XD
b) Who is the one to jump is someones arms? Sammy.
c) Who would be the one to kill it? Me or Jenn.

Someones crying, who is it and what happened?
Flashman, because Jenn hit him.

Who made pancakes in the morning and almost caught the house on fire?
Me, I can't cook to save my life.

Who gets sick of each other the fastest in the house?
Jenn and Flashman.

Someones tanning on the roof who is it?
Everyone but me, I'm already tan. Naturally.

Who is the tallest in the house?

Who is the shortest in the house?
Sammy. But she makes up for it in character.

Who is the loudest?
Jenn and Flashman.

Who is the clown?
Sammy and Flashman. They'd probably put on a circus act, or something.

Who is the one you go to talk to the most?
Probably Jenn. She's my best friend.

Who is the one that always comes up with stupid ideas?
Me. I do the DUMBEST things.

Who's in bed first?
Flashman. I'd stay up late with the girls being forced to watch chick-flicks. Jenn would have to sit on me to make me stay.

If someone woke everyone up with pots and pans who would it be?
Me and Jenn having a pot-fight with them.

Who is always dancing?
Sammy and Jenn.

Someone has the same sweater as you, so you get mad at them and who is it?
Flashman, although I'd have no idea how he'd got it.

You spilt ice all over the kitchen floor, who would be the one to slip on it first?
Jenn. She's such a klutz.

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Lol! I love this! I'm gonna do it tomorrow. And can you re-open the poll about yourself? I didn't get a chance to vote :(

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You guys are so funny!! :)

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