Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Know How Much My Life Sucks?

Enough so Steph doesn't write about me anymore! It's like I don't exist!

Waaait. I don't.

So I'll just tell you what's going on with me and hope she's not watching.
I figured out that iTunes is amazing. You can listen to music, and have all these amazing's like a iPod on your computer!! I'M FREAKING OUT!!
I tried to download 'Collide' by Skillet and it ended up really scratched, when otherwise, it's not! RE. TARDED.
But, still, i love my iPod. Even though it's an origional Nano. I love it! I don't see how you people need new ones every time one comes out! They all do the same thing: play music.

But anyway. I'm sick with the stomach flu and have to stay home. It sucks. I did figure out how to hack into Jenn's account on Microsoft. So I played on the Sims 2. Then I puked, and Sasha made me go spend the rest of the day in bed. So that's where I am now, blogging on Blake's laptop with a mug of tea at hand and a TV positioned in front of my bed, watching spanish soaps. It's great.
Except it's a Saturday.

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Angel Wings said...

...At least you don't have homework untill you go parents would make me do something even if i didn't need to...

Cabbie said...

Yeah. Must stink. Get better.

chained up with sand. said...

I'm sorry...... don't have it as bad as you but I think I have an idea.....I have diabetes type 1.


The Coven said...

Hey. Hope you feel better now. I know you posted that a couple of days ago.Being sick is no fun at all.

I love Skillet by the way. They have awesome music. And I like your layout.

I have an old nano too. It's my precious. I'm literally addicted to the thing. I love music. lol.

Anyway, just thought I wouild drop by your bloga nd say hi. I'm from the Save the World blog...Lilac... although Echo is usually the one who posts. She's not here right now though.


Jillian said...

I had an old iPod video, 30g. It was from the same iPod gen as your nano, i think. I loved my iPod video so much!!!! I named it Avalyn, and took it EVERYWHERE. It had awesome battery time, and everything I wanted in a music player. But this fall, it died, and for CHRISTmas, I got a new iPod Touch.
And i miss my old one...bad.

I am your newest follower!
Have followers is the darndest thing, really. It makes you feel so good inside, doesn't it?
Like your voice is actually being heard, finally.
It is so awesome, truly.
OK, bye.