Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh-KAY. So a World to Save, Huh? Let's Get Started.

{please keep in mind SETH DOESN'T EXIST and NONE OF THIS IS TRUE because it's in a novel Steph's writing!!}

Okay. So apparently there's this dude in Russia with some bomb and I need to kill him. I know what you all are thinking. "WHAT THE FRICK SETH!?! YOUR JUST GONNA KILL SOME RANDOM DUDE?!?!"
Um, yeah. Uh huh.
And no. See, pretty much this guy (And I can't tell you his name because my dad, Troy, has this bodyguard named Kei who'll kill me if I enter his name) who has a nuclear bomb set up to kill America because he's freaking psycho and he's gonna let it off in (enter amount of) days if I don't nab him.
And why me?
Because I am a child and not a likely, what's the word, culprit for an assassin.

Well, and I am Troy's son and already show potential in fist fighting and gun shooting (at great distances). I took down one of Troy's bodyguards named Musoke. Poor guy. Was no match for my 'where the sun don't shine' kick. Owch. Girls, you have no idea how much that hurts. No idea.

So yeeeah.

And Troy gave me a laptop! But only if i'm being supervised while using it. Sad day. (no offense, Kai.)


...or should I say Agent Seth?
HEH! Lookie, Daddy has a picture of me on his desk! Haha, Agent Seth as a baby!

13 people who have something to say:

Kansas said...

ok nice you get to kill somebody can i just say this AWESOME!!! kinda :D

Carrie said...

Aw, you were cute- oh, wait, that was kinda wierd.

Lenna and Sky said...

Wierd dude. You do know that you can get in trouble for talking about bombs on the internet like that right? Blogger is linked to google, and if they track this down and read it your in some major trouble. Slammer time can be caused.

Ginny said...

Lenna and Sky are right, I know this. I put stuff like that on my blog and that didn't go over well. Especially when you live 15 miles away from Columbine Highschool. If you don't know about Columbine Highschool, look it up.

So my mom made me delete my blog.

Steph said...

um...i did say that none of this was real. i made sure i did so. so nobody is allowed to complain about someone freaking out about some bomb in Russia because i said that none of this was real.

Count Gaara said...

Now now calm down Steph...They're just being cautious...

Kristina said...

how do you have 20 followers??!!
you don't exist!

Seth said...

I DON'T KNOW!! ask those crazy people. *points*

Count Gaara said...

People like to talk to a wall tha talks lemme guess a nonexistent wall....

Seth said...

*rolls eyes* thanks gaara.

gentrhon said...

the blogger is a private site then
seth can write as he wish.
if someone doesn't like his text can get out

i like your site brother

you have a good friend here
always as you wish

Seth said...

thank you gentrhon.

Count Gaara said...

*glares at Seth*No problem Seth.